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Flag manipulation performers from Italy

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We are flag manipulators, we were born and bred with the italian tradition, we perform in the contemporary entertainment scenes.

We do flag manipulation


Flag manipulation is a strong italian tradition and it refers to the medieval times, when manipulators were soldiers and flags were both a symbol and a means of communication.

In recent times, this role has changed and most of the italian flag manipulation groups are linked to reenactments and competitions.

Our mother group, Gruppo Storico Combusta Revixi from Corinaldo, has always searched a way to translate the tradition in a contemporary artistic expression, connecting it with theatre, circus and dance.

As Flag Team, we face the international entertainment industry with our unique performing art.

We performed in…

Joyeux Calvaire

Cirque Du Soleil Events + Experiences

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Cirque Du Soleil Events + Experiences

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Horror Hotel

Gardaland - Italy

Performance in Italy and Europe

And someone sayed about us

Des virtuoses pour remplir l’espace de couleurs et de mouvements, des virtuoses de la camaraderie…et les meilleurs pour la 'carbonara'

Yves St-PierreAssistant Director in Joyeux Calvaire - Cirque du Soleil

I will never forget your artistic skill, dedication and growth as artists. It made a beautiful impact in Allavita!

Krista MonsonArtistic director in Allavita - Cirque du Soleil

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